Shoulder-Style Carriers of the NKR Containers

In 1996, we began manufacturing shoulder-style carrier containers. This completed the previous period of own development based on previous experience in service and assembly of container carriers.

During the next period, we launched three generations of carriers onto the market. Each new model series always arose from verified basics of original construction versions and brought with it not only new technological but also design elements. The last generation of the 14 and 15 ton carriers, which was launched onto the market in September 2012, has an S-shaped curved shoulder. The advantage of this design is an increased ability of manipulation when turning the container, a significantly higher firmness of the shoulder and last but not least a modern design.

The standard series of the container carriers covers a whole range of commonly used containers.
Individual types manufactured in a loading capacity for:

  • double-axle vehicles 6.5 t, 8 t, 10 t, 13 t, 14t,
  • triple-axle vehicles 15 t, 18 t,
  • four -axle vehicles 30 t.

Wide-Range Basic Equipment:

  • Full-ranged exterior control by distributor handles and remote control elements on the left side of the vehicle
  • CENTRAL STOP on the control panel
  • Speed shifts for shortening the time the shoulder moves without the container or with an empty container
  • High pressure oil filter pre-shifted by the remote control and a filter for reverse lateral of the hydraulic circuit integrated into the oil tank
  • Oil tank with a status feature and oil thermometer
  • Pneumatically controlled hooks with automatic safeguards for catching the container when it is being emptied
  • Front pre-set stops for allocating the position of the container on the carrier at a range from  1500 to 2900mm length of the bottom of the container
  • Hanging chains of the container with end pieces fitted with a safeguard against free fall from the container pivots

Equipment Elements for an Additional Price:

  • Controlling the carrier from the driver’s cabin
  • Radio control of the carrier
  • Signalization of the position of the shoulders and supports
  • Telescopic extensions of the shoulders, so-called sliders for the entire manufacturing series
  • Chains with changeable lengths with so-called reduction element
  • Equipment for pouring the content of the container into other containers or funnels with an upper edge of up to 2.5 meters above the terrain level
  • Hydraulically built side stops of the container on the surface of the carrier with the function of clamping the container and therefore preventing the container from moving in any way when the vehicle is in motion
  • Zinc – aluminum coat  on the construction of the carrier for preventing corrosion of the carrier and  assembly elements

Our carrier containers excel above the competition in its ease of design, high reliability and very favorable own weight.