NKH Hook Carrier Containers

In 2000, we introduced our own hook carrier containers onto the market. It was a one 10-ton model and one 20-ton model carrier. We expanded our production series during the years to include an assortment, which covers the entire performance and standard range of commonly used containers.

In terms of construction, our carriers are designed for container manipulation according to DIN 30722 norms and with containers, which are used by older types of hook rope and stirrup carriers (AVIA, LIAZ, TATRA).

The standard series of carriers covers a whole range of loading capacities from 2 to 35 tons, ideal for assembly onto all weight categories of vehicles:

  • vehicles up to 3.5 tons (N1) – loading output of carrier is 2 and 3 tons
  • vehicles up to 12 tons (N2) – loading output of carrier is 4 , 5 , 6,5 and 8 tons
  • vehicles up to 32 tons (N3) – loading output of carrier is 10, 12, 14, 18, 20, 22, 25, 26 and 30 tons
  • trailers (O4) – loading output of carrier is 20, 26, 30 and 35 tons

In the upper standard series, our hook carriers are able to manipulate and transport containers up to a volume of 55 m3

We pay special attention to the developmental and technological excellence of hook carriers. Carriers come standard equipped with safety elements as:

  • hydraulic and electronic security against faulty operation
  • pilot valve and locks of the hydraulic circuits
  • gravitational or hydraulic protection of the hook against the container’s free fall

The Following is Part of Standard Equipment:

  • Exterior full range control of the carrier by handles of the distributor (for models from 10 to 35 tons)
  • Auxiliary load reduction pulley preventing the container from vibrating when it is being moved
  • The contact surface of the hook with the container is equipped with a hard metal to prevent it from being squeezed out
  • Very stable and adjustable storage of the telescope without the need to change the friction segments for the entire life cycle of the carrier
  • For the “AT” models, automatic cushioning of the running of the shoulder once it is situated
  • Hydraulic protection of the container

The Following is Part of the Equipment for an Additional Price, among others:

  • speed shift for uncovering the shoulder
  • For all models, automatic cushioning for the running of the shoulder once it is situated
  • Additional acoustic signalization of an unsecure container
  • Support cylinders or arrested cylinder of the back axle for the vehicle’s increased stability
  • Hooks for catching ropes for emptying press containers
  • Zinc aluminum coat on the construction of the carrier for preventing corrosion of the carrier and the assembly elements.

Our carrier containers excel above the competition in its ease of design, high reliability and very favorable own weight.