FORNAL trading s.r.o.
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The leading manufacturers of super structures of vehicles

The continual work on the development and modernization of our products places us among the leading manufacturers of super structures of vehicles on the Czech market.

We continuously subject our daily activities to improving the production quality of our products as well as making the team of internal and external workers more qualified with the target of maintaining the company’s long-term competitiveness and stability.


Fornal® entered the history books in 1990. In 1995, a fundamental decision took place, where the business and service organization, which dealt with the sale, assembly and service of super structures, changed into the production of super structures for cargo vehicles, with a specialization in container carriers and tippers.


From the very beginning, we bet on our own development and own equipment construction. This strategy proved to be one of the main competitive advantages for us as we are continually capable of responding to specific requirements for applying vehicles within the operational conditions of our customers.